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Live, Interactive, Online Classrooms

Lessons at Quoralexis are delivered in live, interactive online classrooms by professional, qualified teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as an Additional Language (EAL). The nature of our teaching environment means that students benefit from a learning environment without interruptions or distractions – where they can fully concentrate on their language learning and make accelerated progress.

Our sophisticated online learning platform allows for optimum language learning opportunities. We utilise the latest digital technologies to create courses where students are fully and actively engaged in their learning. Our teaching methods are interactive, communicative and diverse and our students are fully immersed in the English language from day one. It doesn’t take long for passive language learners to grow in confidence and become active and assertive language users. At Quoralexis, vibrant, dynamic and innovative teaching underpins excellence in both delivery and outcomes.

Keep track of your progress

Once enrolled as a student of Quoralexis, students are given training on the learning platform so that they are familiar with their new learning environment. Each student has a ‘control panel’ which provides access to every part of the school, allowing them to track their personal feedback as well as keeping them up-to-date with up coming assignment deadlines.

Parents of our younger learners are also able to use this facility to chart their child’s progress. Contact with staff at the school can be made through this portal at any time.

Technology Requirements for learning at Quoralexis

Connect from anywhere on any device

Quoralexis works across a range of devices and is accessible anywhere and anytime, provided you have an internet connection.


The EFL or EAL teacher leads the class

One of our specialist EFL or EAL teachers leads the lesson. All students have the opportunity to directly and privately message the teacher, meaning that no question is left unspoken or unanswered.


Students are taught in a timetabled classroom

All of our lessons are timetabled to suit our clients’ availability. Whether a student is studying in a regular group, small group or on a one-to-one basis, they will know exactly when their lesson is timetabled.


Students & teachers interact via their chosen device.

The device screen acts as an interactive whiteboard and students and teachers communicate through voice, text and interactive presentations.


Lesson library - Digital Archive

The ‘Lesson Library’ provides access to the entire EFL and EAL curricula – all English classes at all levels. Once a lesson has been delivered, students are able to review the recording. The search facility can help students track down exactly what they need. If for any reason a student has missed a lesson (i.e. sickness) they are able to watch the entire lesson, at their convenience, via this digital archive.


School Control Panel

Students have their own personal school control panel from which to access every part of the school; classes, the library, their timetable and the homework monitor.

What is Online Learning?

As an online language school, our ‘virtual’ classrooms at Quoralexis are spaces of exciting, cutting-edge, teaching and learning activity. Our state-of-the-art learning platform constantly allows us to revolutionise our digital learning delivery. With timetabled classes, organised according to age and ability level, our students experience outstanding teaching and learning, where communication between teachers and students is constant and where the learning environment allows for highly effective monitoring and instant formative feedback. With our ‘Lesson Library’ digital archive, all lessons can be re-visited for consolidation of learning.

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More interaction and greater ability to concentrate

Online courses offer shy or more reticent students, the opportunity to participate in class discussions with much more ease than face-to-face class sessions. Many students even report that online courses allow for greater concentration, due to lack of distractions from other students and physical classroom activity.


Students are able to study courses online while working, while in-between jobs or while taking time to raise a family. At Quoralexis, our courses are completely flexible to fit around you and your lifestyle!

Learn in comfort

Learning online means learning in a place where students feel comfortable, while saving on fuel costs and avoiding cancelled classes.