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Benefits of Online Learning

The benefits of Online Learning are well documented.

The benefits of learning English online with Quoralexis are immeasurable.

A vast array of learning opportunities at your fingertips

Choose from an extensive choice of English language courses

With classes for Pre-Primary, Young Learners, Teenagers and Adults, across all levels from Beginner to Proficiency, we have something to offer everyone.

Students can join a Regular Group (maximum number of students is 8) or study in a Small Group (maximum number of students is 4). The option to study on a One-to-One basis is also available and is a popular choice amongst our clients.

Cost Effective

Online learning eliminates additional costs, making it more affordable

By eliminating the need for transportation to and from a ‘physical’ language school, cost and time factors are highly regarded additional features of studying at Quoralexis.

Likewise, studying with us eliminates the need for the costly purchase of text books. All of our teaching and learning materials are digitised, saving students time, money and energy.

Student Enrichment

A less intimidating learning environment means increased interaction

We are often told by our students, that learning English online at Quoralexis is less intimidating than attending a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ classroom setting. We believe that the freedom and independence that this affords, aids in increasing student interaction. By allowing everyone to have a voice, shared ideas grow. Students are able to think longer about what they want to say and add their comments when they feel ready to do so. In a traditional classroom, quite often, the conversation moves past the point where the student may be willing to comment. At Quoralexis, learners have ‘time’ to absorb material.

At Quoralexis, we are told how approachable our teachers are. Students often feel more comfortable talking openly with their teacher through online chats, emails, and newsgroup discussions rather than face-to-face. Online correspondence also cuts out having to wait for office hours, that may not be convenient for either party.

Convenience, Flexibility & Comfort

We deliever English classes that fit around your schedule

Regardless of students’ existing study or work schedule, at Quoralexis we deliver English classes at a time that suits all. Our flexibility is what really sets us apart. We work across all time zones so that students can access real-time English classes at their convenience, from the comfort of wherever they may happen to be, be that in an educational establishment, at home or on the move.

Our digital ‘Lesson Library’ is an archive facility which allows students to review all of their classes. This is a very useful resource if students have missed any classes or wish to revisit and consolidate their learning.