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Online Learning Defined

The benefits of Online Learning are well documented.

The benefits of learning English online with Quoralexis are immeasurable.

Virtual Classrooms

Choose from an extensive choice of English language courses

At Quoralexis, as an online language school, we use ‘virtual’ classrooms through which to teach and learn. Our students connect onto our learning platform through the internet and are taught in a ‘virtual classroom setting’ by an experienced EFL teacher. If studying in a small group or regular class, students are joined by their peers, all of whom are of a similar age and have a similar level of language ability.

Instant Feedback & Communication

Wide range of facilities to communicate & interact

Teachers deliver a traditional lesson enhanced with a variety of interactive presentations. Students are set in-class tasks and assignments, utilise the ‘follow-me’ browser facility to access online resources, and work in designated pairs or groups. Teachers constantly interact and respond to questions. There is also the facility for teachers to speak with students privately, to respond to individual queries. The absence of distractions or disruptions enables our teachers to devote themselves entirely to teaching and learning.

Our students communicate with their teachers and peers through voice, text and interactive presentation. Students work through specific examples, share their work or lead segments of the class. By allowing every student the opportunity to directly and privately message the teacher, no question is ever left unspoken or unanswered.

Timetabled Classes

We work around your schedule

All of our classes are timetabled and students log on to our learning platform at the requisite time, to ‘register’ in their class. After greetings have been exchanged between the students and teacher, the class begins.

Digital Archive of Lessons

Don’t miss a single lesson

Our ‘Lesson Library’ provides access to the entire EFL curriculum - this is available to access at anytime from anywhere. Once a lesson has been delivered, our students are able to review the whole lesson again, at any time, from the 'Lesson Library'. If for any reason a student has missed a lesson, they are able to easily access the ‘Lesson Library’ and watch the entire lesson via this digital archive.

How do we teach?

Lessons at Quoralexis are delivered in live, interactive online classrooms by professional, qualified teachers of English as a Foreign Language. The nature of our teaching environment means that our students benefit from a learning environment without interruptions or distractions – where they can fully concentrate on their language learning and make accelerated progress. Students are connected to their peers and teachers at the click of a button.

What are the benefits of online learning?

Quoralexis is a dynamic, interactive online school and our students enjoy the many benefits that online learning affords. From an extensive range of courses, all available at the click of your fingertips, to the convenience and flexibility of studying what you want, when you want, Quoralexis allows you to balance your work, study and family commitments in a focused learning environment with no distractions.