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Wide range of Courses for all Levels & Abilities

Our Pre-Primary courses are intended for 3 – 5 year olds who are immersed in the target language from the outset and our stimulating lessons, taught by highly experienced Pre-Primary EFL teachers, will allow your child to grow in confidence and start communicating in English from day one. Our general English courses for Pre-Primary children encourage children’s natural curiosity and spontaneity for new languages. Our youngest learners learn through play, song, drama, dance, video, audio and storytelling whilst the target language is fully integrated into the daily routines of the classroom. Our topic-based approach promotes the social and emotional skills that naturally occur in learning, in a manner which reflects a child of this age’s stage of development.

General English Language Courses

Beginner - Pre-Intermediate

These courses are designed for Young Learners who wish to start learning and/or improving their English language skills.

Course Levels




CEFR Level




Courses to suit all Ages and Abilities

At Quoralexis Learning, we provide an extensive range of English as a Foreign Language courses, for all age groups and all ability levels.

What is a CEFR level?

CEFR stands for the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’. This is the international standard for the description of language ability. CEFR is used around the world to describe the language skills of a learner.

You may already know your level of English (or have a rough idea of what it is). If not, do not worry!

All students at Quoralexis Learning, upon entry, are assessed in their language skills, before being placed in an appropriate ability level class.

How does online learning work?

As an online language school, our ‘virtual’ classrooms at Quoralexis are spaces of exciting, cutting-edge, teaching and learning activity. Our state-of-the-art learning platform constantly allows us to revolutionise our digital learning delivery. With timetabled classes, organised according to age and ability level, our students experience outstanding teaching and learning, where communication between teachers and students is constant and where the learning environment allows for highly effective monitoring and instant, formative feedback. With our ‘Lesson Library’ digital archive, all lessons can be re-visited for consolidation of learning.