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Quoralexis Learning is revolutionising the way children, teenagers and adults are learning English.

Our online classrooms are vibrant, stimulating and learner – focused, where innovative teaching methods and state-of-the-art digital technology, lead to dynamic, active and communicative language learning.

Quoralexis Learning allows you to learn English from anywhere in the world. It is our flexibility and accessibility which really sets us apart.

Why you should join Quoralexis

We aim to inspire in all of our students, a love of the English language and a desire for lifelong learning and it would be our pleasure to have you join us on your language learning journey – at whichever stage that may be.

A Personalised & Flexible Approach to English Language Learning

We offer an extensive range of courses in both English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as an Additional Language (EAL) to a variety of educational providers and institutions. Our courses are delivered across all age groups and all language ability levels, and we work to our clients’ needs, offering a personalised, tailored provision of high quality English language lessons, when our clients require them and at a time that suits them.

Class sizes are deliberately kept small (a maximum of 8 students per class) so as to ensure students receive the very best learning experience, attention and support. At Quoralexis, we pride ourselves on our very ‘personalised’ approach to language learning. Help, support and guidance is always available from our experienced and dedicated staff.

One-to-One and Small Group Provision

We offer One-to-One and Small Group provision across all of our courses.

Whatever your institution’s requirements or interests, we can meet them. Students can study on a ‘One-to-One’ basis or they can join our ‘Small’ group classes (maximum of 4 students per class) or ‘Regular’ group classes (maximum of 8 students per class).

Learning English in a One-to-One environment has many advantages for students:

  • Students are able to focus on exactly what you want to learn – without the constraints of a specific curriculum or timetable.
  • Students have more control over the aims and objectives and also the pace of the class.
  • Students have the undivided attention of the English teacher, which lends itself to more opportunities to engage in communication.
  • Students have more opportunities to use your English teacher as a ‘resource’ – to ask questions and to practice skills.
  • Students’ needs can be addressed in an environment of flexibility, in both timing and structure, in what is a very special learning context.

Student Services

Our ‘Student Services’ department works closely with all of our students at every stage of their journey with us. The department is here for them throughout their time at Quoralexis – to help with any questions they may have regarding any aspect of course provision, examinations, progression, university applications etc.